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Ocean water Thermal

This is simple!!

This therapy uses steam made by boiling the ocean water to heat up the towels that are then used to put on the entire body. This helps to ensure that the heat is delivered from the soles of the feet to the top of the head, and to the deepest parts of the body.
By warming the body and raising the basal body temperature, it becomes conducive for the body's natural immunity and healing power to be fully activated, which allows the body to feel lighter and promote better sleep patterns which enhance daily life.
Another feature of this therapy is the warming of the internal organs, which increases blood circulation, metabolism, raises body temperature, and is expected to eliminate toxins through sweating.

Special properties of Okinawan waters

The ocean water is retrieved from Sesoko Island, a quiet remote island located in northern Okinawa Prefecture, during the Moon’s full and new moon cycles.
The ocean water is rich in minerals essential to the human body. It is gentle on the skin and warms the body so that the heat can spread to every corner.
Towels simply heated with hot water will cool quickly, but towels heated with mineralrich ocean water, which is highly moisturizing, will effectively warm the cold body without cooling quickly.
The reason for using ocean water from carefully selected locations is to maximize its effectiveness in penetrating and purifying the skin. Natural sea salt is said to be effective in hematopoiesis, improving immunity, raising body temperature, and detoxification.
Furthermore, natural sea salt contains about 80 different minerals and it is said that these minerals and other ingredients will supplement what your body lacks and flush out what it does not need.

Expected effects of using thermal ocean water

〜Regulates the autonomic nervous system〜

  • Oceanwater Thermal Therapy
  • Oceanwater Thermal Therapy
  • Improves blood circulation
    Increases blood flow to the entire body, and increases cell activation
  • Relieves fatigue, expels waste materials
    Toxins will be expelled through sweating, resulting in clearer skin
  • Improves metabolism
    Metabolism increases by 15% per 1°C increase in body temperature,
    which temporarily improves the immune system 5-6 times the average
  • Improves sleep quality
    Increases relaxation by stimulating the autonomic nervous system
    through heat

Basis of using thermal ocean water

Heated ocean water carefully delivers heat to stiff muscles and internal organs, slowly activating them.
Stiffness in the body occurs when muscles become tense, and tight, which puts pressure on blood vessels, causing blood flow to stagnate, resulting in the accumulation of fatigue and waste products. This waste material stimulates the nerves in the muscles, causing further muscle tension and poor blood flow, which in turn leads to coldness, discomfort in the body, and lactic acid buildup.
By delivering heat deep into the body with heated ocean water, the body temperature rises, blood circulation improves, blood vessels dilate, and the autonomic nervous system is regulated.
Improved blood flow activates the white blood cells, making it easier for oxygen to reach the body and nutrients to reach cells, thereby improving immunity.
In addition, the improved blood flow will help carry waste materials smoothly, and the heat stimulation will open up the sweat and sebaceous glands, allowing the

  • Oceanwater Thermal Therapy
  • Oceanwater Thermal Therapy

Basalt Stone


Natural basalt rocks derived from lava arespecially processed for massage use. Thisis an evolution of the hot stone treatmentthat uses several hand-like forms of stones to provide a massage experience.
We invite you to experience the unprecedented sensation and comfortfrom being heated to the depths of your body by the far- infrared ray effect of the basalt stones.

Only here you can receive
this treatment in northern Okinawa!!

What is the difference between Basalt Stone and Hot Stone Massage?

Both basalt stones and hot stones are made of the same type of basalt rock, and far-infrared radiation is generated when the stone is heated. Unlike hot stones, which are oval or round in shape, basalt stones are made of various shapes.Because the shapes of the stones allow for a variety of techniques, it is easier to approach your body's problems as the stones can be moved according to each part of the body to carefully relax the muscles and care for your entire body while promoting blood flow.
In addition, since far-infrared rays reach deeper into the body,they are said to be 3 to 5 times more effective in promoting blood circulation and detoxification than lymphatic massage performed by hand.

To sum it all up, the area of the body to be massaged is thoroughly warmed up before the treatment, and the basalt stones will make it easier to approach various problems.Please see the treatment details for each area of the body to see the expected effects.
(Body treatments are recommended by gynecologists.)

The major difference between the basalt stone and hot stones treatment is the use of specially processed stones and massage techniques.

(80mins) ¥16,000-(tax incl)

Back (calves, back of thighs, back) + Front (shins, front of thighs, stomach) + Décolleté Care

Promotes blood circulation, relieves tension, eases menstrual cramps, relieves stress and improves the quality of sleep. Additionally, eliminates toxins from the body, and improves basal body temperature and immunity.

  • ボディー(80分)
  • ボディー(80分)

(60mins) ¥11,000-(tax incl)

Décolleté Care + Facial

*Please remove makeup before treatment

Skin is toned from the inside and cared for not only on the surface but also from deep within. Try the basalt stones and far-infrared ray skin care, and aim for lift-up, beautiful nose while also taking care of wrinkles!! Recommended for users with rough skin.

  • フェイシャル
  • フェイシャル

Head & Décolleté(50mins)
(50mins) ¥8,500-(tax incl)

A new type of head spa that can be taken without removing makeup!
This special treatment uses stones to warm and relax the body, and is recommended for relieving stress and fatigue, improving the complexion of the face by reducing swelling and sagging.
(Massage oil is used for Décolleté care)

  • ヘッド+デコルテケア
  • ヘッド+デコルテケア

The massage oil that we use is also specially selected!

The oil used in the basalt stone treatment is Sugar Squalane Oil made from domestic, organicsugar cane. The oil is rich in beauty ingredients use in and can be used on the delicate skin of babies and those with acne-prone skin


Oceanwater Thermal Therapy

By conditioning your body with massage, stretching, and other techniques tailored to your own body, swelling will be reduced. Your body will be in a better, more comfortable state.
Let's start building a body that is uniquely you, that will prevent fatigue and discomfort before they occur.

Cupping Therapy

Oceanwater Thermal Therapy

Cupping is a technique by which cups are suctioned to the skin to draw stagnant blood and prevent physical ailments caused by poor circulation. It is also recommended for those who are concerned about weight loss, anti-aging, and beauty, as it boosts the body's metabolism!

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